Our Curriculum

The scope and complexity of the academic programs in EFL, Georgian language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and Information and Communication Technology coupled with our demonstrated commitment to character and leadership development, have continued to evolve and expand over the years. This curricular evolution has remained true to the school’s mission and vision to inspire and develop excellence in academic growth and performance, character and leadership, and community strength and service. We strive to develop and inspire a progressive-minded generation of citizens who will make a positive and lasting impact in their world.

The school seeks to be true to its identity as an international school, and therefore it focuses on guiding our students in having a global and integrated approach to academics. This is done by merging two models (Georgian and American) and challenging our students to expand their language skills. We offer a national and an international college preparatory curriculum. English is studied in grades 1 through 12 and is based on a rigorous EFL curriculum. “Progress” partners with schools in Brighton, notably the Dorothy Stringer high school, and London, UK, where successful students attend intensive language courses twice each year. Additionally, we offer German as a second foreign language. Students have a unique opportunity to improve and hone their German language skills in Düsseldorf and Unna gymnasiums.

The character and accomplishments of “Progress” graduates provide powerful testimony to the success of the school’s programs. Graduates have achieved well above Georgian average and have gone on to study at top Georgian universities and around the world, including the USA, UK and Germany.

In the last 5 years 100 % of our graduates have been enrolled at universities and received governmental scholarships.